All of the Above | The Chris & Craig Show (Ep.142)

All of the Above | The Chris & Craig Show (Ep.142)
The Chris & Craig Show

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Chris and Craig talk about anything and everything in this return-to-form episode. The boys touch on Pinot Noir, Instagram DMs, Celine Dion, adult coloring books, the Chrissy Teigen hype, the “moon landing,” Chris Pratt vs. Ryan Reynolds, cereal, Detective Pikachu, bananas being frauds, Taco Bell, Chris’s new job, Chris quitting his new job, light beer vs. fancy beer, deodorant with aluminum, the ice cream diet, marketing, fantasy football, Flo Rida, self-deprecating humor, hot sauce, Toy Story 4 (and who was the first thicc Pixar character), the word “ouroboros” and somehow even more

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