Craig & Jared’s Month of Food in Review: Month 1

In case you (for some reason) don’t listen to our podcast Chew-001: A Food Podyssey, Jared, our roommate Mike, and I visit a new restaurant each week, rotating who picks the spot each time. The catch is the other two friends do not know the restaurant they are eating at until they arrive. How delicious.

Once a month, Jared and I will be posting summaries of our podcast, where we will quickly cover the restaurants we visited, leave our lasting impressions, and showcase some pictures of the goods.

Bon appétit.

Irori Sushi (Jared’s Pick)

Location: 4371 Glencoe Ave B4, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Craig’s Order: Salmon Teriyaki ($8.50), Irori Roll ($11)

Total: $19.50

Jared’s Order: Nigiri Sushi (6pcs) & Spicy Tuna Roll (Tuna, Yellowtail, Salmon, White Fish, Shrimp, Albacore)

Total: $22

Complimentary: Mochi dessert (6 pcs, 2 mango, 2 chocolate, 2 green tea)

Thoughts: Good food, average portions, great service. Calm vibe, dimly lit, good for 2-4 people. A little expensive, not your americanized sushi spot, very authentic. You have to take your shoes off and sit on the ground in a little bunker like set up, which is fun. 35 minute wait on a Friday night.

Craig & Jared’s Score: 8/10

Craig’s Salmon Teriyaki and Irori roll
Complimentary Mochi with a little whipped cream (mango and green tea in picture)

Simplethings – soup/salad/sandwich (Craig’s Pick)

Location: 8310 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Craig’s Order: 1/2 sandwich 1/2 salad Combo

Sandwich: Thanksgiving – roasted turkey, cranberry chutney (no one knows what chutney means), cornbread stuffing, gravy, michetti roll.

Salad: Harvest Veggie Salad – shredded kale, arugula, roasted baby carrots, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, dried cherries, roasted pecans, parmesan cheese with balsamic vinaigrette.

Total: $12.75

Jared’s Order: Sandwich and Side

Sandwich: Cubano – roasted pork, roasted ham, dill pickles, swiss cheese, dijon mustard, garlic aioli on pressed michetti roll

Side: Spicy Tater Tots – parmesan, red pepper flakes, garlic & served with chipotle aioli

Total: $15.25

Complimentary: Mini blueberry pie (because of the slow service)

Thoughts: We went for dinner, although it’s more of a lunch spot. Small, casual, good for 2-4 people. Great food, reasonable prices, order at the counter. Staff was friendly and offered free dessert because food took too long. The tables cloths are made of construction paper and you are supplied with crayons which is sick. Known for their homemade pies, give em a try.

Craig & Jared’s Score: 8/10

Jared’s Cubano Sandwich
Complimentary Blueberry Pie

Lala’s Argentine Grill (Roommate Mike’s Pick)

Location: 7229 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Appetizer: Combo Appetizer – choice of three empanadas (chicken, chicken, steak) & one tortilla de papa & one chorizo link.

Total: $15.95

Craig’s Order: Hamburguesa de Salmon – grilled homemade salmon burger with tomato chimichurri and tartar sauce. Side of mashed potatoes.

Total: $13.95

Jared’s Order: Hamburguesa – grilled certified angus beef hamburger with lettuce, tomato, mayo & Argentine sauce. Side of fries and a small salad.

Total: $12.95

Thoughts: Nice spot, friendly vibe, deceptively large layout, fantastic service. Our waters were refilled constantly which is biggie for Jared. Unlimited bread (piss poor bread however) and ambiguous green dip sauce. Solid portions, tiny bit pricey. Food was below average, didn’t taste fresh, and lacked authenticity. Didn’t feel like I was eating Argentinian cuisine. This place seems like it started out as a hole in the wall that offered real Argentinian food before gaining recognition, making a ton of money, expanding, and subsequently losing its charm/appeal by becoming commercialized. This is a spot your dad goes to when he wants to have something “different” just so he can order a burger that tastes like every other burger. The empanadas were fire though.

Craig & Jared’s Score: 4.5/10

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 10.08.46 PM.png
Combo Appetizer Plate with those fire empanadas

Oo-Kook – Korean BBQ (Jared’s Pick)

Location: 3385 W 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90005

This dinner consisted of 8 bro’s getting All You Can Eat Korean BBQ for Jared’s birthday. Happy 23rd J-Rock.

Orders: All meat was ordered in bulk buffet style portions served on a platter.

  • Angus Prime Thin Slice Brisket
  • US Kobe Marinated Thin Slice Beef (my favorite)
  • Fresh Pork Belly
  • Miso Pork Belly
  • Wine Pork Belly
  • Marinated Chicken
  • Garlic Shrimp
  • Marinated Ox Large Intestine (NASTY DON’T TRY WHY DID WE DO THIS – Craig) (Yo I lowkey fucked with this shut up Craig. – Jared)

Sides that came with the meat included: Glass noodles, kimchi, rice paper, spicy pickles, white rice, spicy cucumber salad, and watercress namul, jalapeños, spicy sauce.

Total: $23.99 per person

Thoughts: Huge building, two stories. Your nose is assaulted with the smell of Korean BBQ upon arrival, which in my world, is a good thing. Caution: Only wear clothing you don’t mind wreaking of Korean meat for a week. The service was decent, although I think the wait staff was annoyed with how often we asked for more free sides. The quality of meat was above average, but be careful because you have to cook the meat yourself on a small grill in the middle of your table. I felt like a big sweaty ball of meat afterwords. Great for large groups, perfect for Jared’s birthday. They have beer too.

Craig & Jared’s Score: 7.75/10

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 10.10.09 PM.png
Angus Prime Thin Slice Beef with sides

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